When you don’t have the energy to clean up the mess of real peas…

When learning language it is always best to see/feel/experience the real thing so you fully understand. However, that’s not always possible (zoo animals) or practical (you all saw the mess of the frozen peas in sessions…)

Vegetable toys can help our children with making choices, learning colours, categorising, fine motor skills…the list goes on. Here are some of the resources I used in sessions to make learning about vegetables fun! Just click on the pictures to get to the link.

These toys are plastic (i usually prefer wooden toys) but they are great quality. Unlike most plastic food toys they don’t squash down and are very sturdy. They’re a good size for little hands too. You can get a larger version which includes fruits here.

Yes, technically this is a dog toy…

The fruits and veggies in the basket are on the smaller side so recommended for slightly older children or with careful supervision. The basket is lovely for all sorts of games, and that all important play schema of putting things in and out of containers!

The veggies in this set are slightly bigger and great for practicing cutting!

These soft veggie toys are great for pufflings (babies). They’re big, soft, textured and colourful!

The majority of vegetable words are multisyllabic which makes them harder to learn and remember accurately. The more you repeat the words, sign them, show your child what you’re talking about, the easier it will be for them to understand. Remember to have fun – play is how children learn!

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