We chose to use Signalong due to their user friendly signs (designed for people with communication difficulties), continually developing sign library and brilliant resources (some of which you will have a chance to purchase at classes).

Signalong is a sign system derived from British Sign Language (BSL). As with other sign systems e.g. Makaton, Signalong uses a key-word signing system so is not a language in its own right (like BSL). Signalong is the sign system used by speech and language therapy services in the Bailiwick, and has been taught to staff at a number of pre-schools and schools. 

Little Puffin Signing also offers training to pre-schools, schools and other organisations in the Bailiwick. This means that when your child goes to pre-school or school they may see some familiar signs which will help with confidence to communicate and encourage their language development. 

Please visit for more information, ‘freebie Friday’ and to sign up to the sign library.