Parent and child sessions

Little Puffin Signing sessions are designed and run by Steph, a qualified speech and language therapist. Sessions focus on a different topic each week using books, songs and sensory activities to demonstrate and practise the signs. The sessions are relaxed and informal; everyone learns better when they’re having fun!

There are 3 terms each the year, with 9 sessions per term covering all of the signs you need to engage your little one in learning language. Sessions take place at Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre which means you have the reassurance that you and your child are in a safe and friendly environment.

A term of 9 sessions costs £110. Terms run January-March, April-June and September-December. Booking is often available approximately 2 months prior to the start of term, with priority booking given to those already attending sessions and those on the mailing list.

These sessions are designed for babies aged 0 – 12 months. Parents/carers will be supported to learn the signs for first words and daily routines e.g. milk, sleep, bath, as well as signs to songs and books. There will also be information and tips on how to continue signing and about natural communication development specific to the littlest Pufflings!

These sessions are designed for children aged 1-3 years (up to but not including their final preschool year). You and your little one will learn lots of signs for their favourite things, songs and books. Sensory activities are a big part of the Little Puffin sessions, with lots of exciting things to explore linked with the topic of the week.