The classes

Little Puffin Signing classes are run in blocks of six, building on the skills of signing as the sessions progress. The aim is to equip you with signs you can use in daily routines. We focus on a different topic each session using books, songs and sensory activities to demonstrate and practise the signs. The sessions will be relaxed and informal; everyone learns better when they’re having fun!

This is the first set of sessions covering the basics of using Signalong and earlier developing words. You will learn to help your child to communicate their needs e.g. their favourite giraffe toy or getting an ice-cream at the beach! Classes cover the following topics: farm animals, the park, jungle animals, the beach, and food. The final session will be used to recap the signs we have learned, add in any extra ‘first words’ and give you a chance to request any signs that are important to you and your child. 

There are classes available for children 3-12 months, and 12-24 months.

A block of sessions costs £75.

is the next set of classes in the series. These sessions cover more advanced topics and signs that your child will need as they grow and devlop their interests.

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